Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Top 10 Tortures Less Painful Than Circumcision'

I found this hilarious comment by a blogger named CARV on another site. I had to steal it! I don't have time to write a full post right now. CARV, thank you for your comment.

Top 10 Tortures Less Painful Than Circumcision

10. Get knocked out by Mohammed Ali.
9. Pull out your fingernails.
8. Eat a pile of steaming bear crap.
7. Skin yourself alive.
6. Fall into a vat of molten iron.
5. Get run over by a train.
4. Go through a sausage grinder.
3. Saw off your legs.
2. Poke out your eyes.
1. Go To Hell

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Circumcision Resources

Looking for more circumcision information?

Check out these pages:

Circumcision: Cut It Out!

I am lucky.

Certain factors, including an admonishing doula, led me to forgo having my son circumcised before I had a chance to see what actually happens.

Thank God.

Have you ever watched an infant circumcision? Have you ever heard the screams? Here; I'll tell you what happens.

A baby is strapped to a board, then his penis is put in a clamp, and the tip sliced off with a scalpel. Meanwhile, the baby screams in agony or goes into shock.

Mind you, babies cannot have anesthesia before 3 months old, and most babies get cut cold turkey.

This, in 21st century America.

I'm dedicating this blog to getting the word out about the reality of infant circumcision. If you have any links or stories, please send them to me.